As a new Training School, Rob’s support has been invaluable in making us aware of the realities of being a TS – expectations, budget control, setting up networks, good practice etc. Regional managers meetings set up by the two London Consultants have also been hugely beneficial.
Rob has been a great influence on our school.  He has helped us to evaluate our CPD programme, facilitated and offered advice for cluster meetings in the area and  supported our outreach activities by providing further ideas about how we can do even more. He has been instrumental in showing us  where there is innovative practice and research between different schools. He has provided effective mechanisms for measuring quantitative and qualitative impact of CPD through the key performance indicators. He has also kept us  up to date with Masters in Teaching developments.

Rob has always been extremely supportive.  A great source of support, someone who asks challenging questions and yet is a critical friend.  The TSC has enabled our TS to make significant progress over the last 6 years.
We have only had one review meeting but it highlighted the need to focus on impact particularly in the early stages of a project. We have built this into our current action plan. Also, we are concentrating on innovation in areas of strength. We are training pupil advisors to work closely with all our student teachers. This will involve the pupils in lesson observation and co-planning lessons.The above was a result of the meeting with The Consultant and the advice given.
Excellent and focused advice given at start of TS process to establish core principles and how to proceed with Annexe submission.  Specific time given up to discuss with Consultant. Similar experience at later administrator and new TS leader conference.

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