Technology, Technology, Technology

Well the politicking is getting underway and, following on the theme from my last blog, schools are under pressure again. The usual sticks are being waved; the performance data isn’t good enough, behaviour needs improvement, teachers need better degrees etc. So the remedies are coming thick and fast. However, several elephants in the room are being ignored. We have the continued school ‘apartheid’ caused by the fee paying, the grammar and the ‘popular comprehensive lock out’ sectors. We have substantial cuts in budgets and we have Technology. What we don’t have much of is a recognition that all young people need to see the worth and feel a part of their education (especially for those whose parents are unable to engineer school choice for their children). Young people need to have both a voice as well as a choice. Technology is capable of providing both. There are already established forms of  on line supported learning. It is possible for the young (and the rest of us) to learn on line and to motivate ourselves through having options, as well as having learning programmes tailored to our needs. Coincidentally, this method of learning can be also be considerably more resource efficient  as well as enhancing opportunity. Perhaps the advantages that technology can provide will encourage politicians to locate the current debate in the future rather than in the past.