Accelerating Partnership Development

Or APD in this age of acronym! It is a classic market driven response, for that is exactly what we are facing. Powerful schools scooping up the smaller or the needier to develop a power block. The power block allows for the development of economies of scale, provides an internal market, enables successful commissioning.  The obvious parallels are car manufacturers, supermarkets or banks. Join in now or you will be left on the periphery. It puts me in mind of the UK and the EU when we held back from applying and when we did eventually ask to join, the price had gone up. This market model may not be realised (a week in politics….) but we are still left with some economic and professional drivers pushing towards closer collaboration between schools.

The problem is that the majority of schools are not quite in a position to partner up. These are big steps that need reflection and discussion – the time for which, as ever, is in short supply – there’s a school to run! The benefits are not yet sufficiently clear, the threats not yet sufficiently real. What we need is a catalyst  that gets things moving. This may require a team of trained ‘evangelists’ armed with an irresistable plan or at least a proposal that makes sense and moves things forward. A risk free, engaging and attractive first step. This is a bit of a Holy Grail for people in my line of business. In my next post I will expand on some areas that I think may have potential.