Watershed moments and The Waggon Model

A new government, so change there must be and eyecatching at that. Little chance of a careful review (the advantage of a new administration) – the chance to build on what has worked well and move on from that which has not. What can be done to resist the indiscrimminate broom and spin of big government? It used to cross my mind in the classroom occasionally, that if the school population decided to walk out, there was little or nothing we could as teachers to restrain them. Perhaps we have reached a similar ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ moment. Never before has it seemed so important for schools to unite and to determine their own agenda. The long winded and commonly manipulated (politically) accountability route up to London and back down again, can’t really compete with a school relating directly to the wishes and needs of its own school community  – now that is surely a more powerful democratic model. This is our school, our partnership. Let us begin from here and build, in partnership with other schools, our own future – surely this is the honest definition of localism. In these chaotic, market driven, budget cutting, divisive times, it is the only way. The Waggon Model – draw the assets into a protective circle and look to the schools, large and small, strong and struggling, in our own areas.