Parental anxiety about choice of school

It is about this time of year that parents get to find out where their offspring will be attending school this September. More and more, parents seem to be feeling enormous pressure to secure a place in the ‘best’ school, even moving house and sacrificing much family time and energy in the process.

The ‘best’ school for one’s child may not be the one that everyone claims to be the best or the one that sits on top of the league tables. All the evidence points to home support (support and interest, not heavy pressure) as being the main precursor for a child reaching its potential. Academic success is indeed important, but the supported child that copes well in the local neighbourhood school, may well achieve both social, emotional and academic success. I suggest all 3 are equally important for coping with the future world. Showering children with too many material ‘things’ or treats is likely to be bad for them. Indulgence with choice of school can be similarly unhelpful.

A final point. Each time parents manage to ‘beat’ the system and manage to secure a place for their child in a sought after school, another child, possibly needing the place far more, will be disadvantaged.