The Perfect Storm – running out of teachers

First the supply side. The number of training places is being cut sharply and there is also a simultaneous attempt to transfer capacity to a new school based model. The schools may be keen and able to train teachers but at the current time of shrinking budgets and with major threats to the system headteachers have their minds on other things.

The Teaching School solution seems to be running out of steam with around 120 interested in this round (compared to the 1000 or so from round 1), many of these no doubt unsuccessful from the earlier application round. It is not clear how many of the Teaching Schools have either the capacity, experience or inclination to train teachers for schools other than their own. Wth some University Departments and EBITTs (GTP providers) falling below optimum numbers we could also see a domino effect of closures.

Add to this mix the inevitable regional variations – typically the more challenging parts of the country where it is much harder to attract and to train teachers. These areas will be the hardest hit. It is frustrating that there is no co-ordinated or longer term thinking by either local, regional or national bodies – if schools don’t have a full compliment of staff, standards are bound to fall and with them the economic and social prospects of the whole area.

It looks as if we are going to need a new model for staffing schools.


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