Role models for young people: politics

Whatever history decides about the decision on a European veto last week, one cant help reflecting on the messages that it sends out. One such is about how to behave when your friends need you – perhaps rather than walking away (or being out manoevered and taking off in a huff) we might stay to talk through the issues and be seen to go the extra mile?. If you are in partnership with the leader of another party, how honest are you about your prior intentions? When you return from having done the deed, how do you behave? With humility? Or hold a banquet for your ecstatic supporters?  How much do you rely on public opinion, opinion which has been fed distorted information about the EU for years by the all powerful Murdoch press?  Are the most important group in this country the financiers or is it the millions who rely on European markets for their jobs? Best for Britain? We simply dont know so why take precipitative action? Is leadership about high principle or calculated sectional interest? Niccolo Machiavelli or Mahatma Ghandi?


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