The answer is out there in the network

Networks have become the super highways of knowledge exchange. There is always a teacher like me, a class like this, a school like ours. Like rather than the same, which is an important distinction. There are no off the shelf formulaic solutions in education (one of the great joys and one of the great frustrations!). This is fortunate in some ways for it means there is always the chance of the double gain, inherent in the process of applying good ideas to your own situation and thereby rediscovering for oneself the quality of the original experience.

Much has been written about networks, the degrees of separation and the random channels that link us together. What we do know is that rarely is any conversation or exchange with a colleague without some gift of insight fuelled by their words and our response. We are also aware that some individuals or communities are super hubs who seem to attract the best ideas and are suppliers of that essential and reinvigorating quality sometimes known as excitement!


2 thoughts on “The answer is out there in the network

    • No – some teachers tend to focus very much on their classes and classrooms, others, by virtue of their roles within and beyond the school become hubs of infomation and so attract contact. This is a strong argument for maintaining a presence beyond the school and cluster otherwise there is a danger of atrophy.
      This is yet another burden borne by struggling schools, who cannot spare staff to be out of school and so are further disadvantaged.

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